L.A.S.T Show bonus


Details about the open mic segment is at the bottom

The L.A.S.T (Leave a Statement Tonight) Bonus Show is a show (not a showcase) is a bonus show The Delancey asked us to have due to our March 26th event. This is a scaled down version of our normal show. Our shows are designed to give artist the platform and tools to take their career to take their career to the next level while at the same time putting on a quality show that the crowd will be entertained with trivia, raffles and much more with cash and prizes that will keep them engaged.

Artist set time = 8 mins

NOTE: Artist must be checked in between 8pm-9pm. Any artist that is late will not perform. Admission is $10 for everyone


REQUIREMENTS:  If an artist would like to secure a slot you could call or text 929-374-7242. We would have to approve your music. If your music is approved then you will have to be able to bring out at least 4 people. If you call and secure a slot and don’t show up or not able to bring out the 4 people you will not be allowed to perform in one of our events for at least 1 year. If you are not sure don’t secure it. If you are not sure you could come down on Sunday with your 4 people and sign up to be in the main show but we will only have 15 acts in the main show so once those slots are filled you could sign up for the open mic segment.


Open mic segment

If an artist don’t have a large enough following they could be apart of the open mic segment of the show by signing up between 8-9pm and paying the $10 admission. There are no guarantees that the artist will be able to perform. It will depend on how many other artist sign up for the open mic before that artist. It will be first come first serve. Artist signed up for the open mic will be allowed to do one song and the music must be on a flash drive. We will call two names off the open mic list after every 5 main show performances. If all main show performances are done we will call names off the open mic until 1am. There are no refunds. If there is not enough time to call all the names on the open mic list we apologize but there will not be any refunds.