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While You Listen (Read These Articles)

Drake and Meek Mill Beefing???

So Drake and Meek Mill is beefing.  None of us would have seen this coming but Meek Mill decided to go on a Twitter rant and say Drake don’t write his own raps. In my opinion I think he was drunk and seen his phone sitting there and thought it would be a good idea to post tweets speaking about things he wasn’t read more

Chinx Drugz Killed In New York!!!

Written By: Slims Da Bank

On May 17, 2015 at about 5am (est) Hip-Hop artist Chinx born Lionel Pickens  was shot and killed in Queens NYC in what appears to have been an attempted car jacking. Reports say Chinx was read more

The Game vs Young Thug!!! Really???

Written By: Slims Da Bank

So The Game and Young Thug is beefing on social media. Over what? Who knows. The Game got on Instagram and post a video talking about Young Thug is gay, he paints read more


Color Money!!! Plies “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong”

Written By: Slims Da Bank

So last night some footage surfaced from a show Plies had in Tallahassee showing a man (That obviously watches alot of WWE) Screaming “COLOR MONEY” and like a WWE finishing move read more


Fat Tuesday Grand Opening/Closing

Writen by: Slims Da Bank

So a fight breaks out at the grand opening/closing of a Fat Tuesday on Friday night and footage quickly surface showing the “Brawl”. NYDailyNews.com used the headline “Massive brawl breaks read more




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