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Call In Number During Live Shows

For the best experience listen to shows using the audio player and if you want to view it using UStream just mute the Ustream player so you would hear just the audio player to avoid hearing lag

While You Listen (Read These Articles)

Color Money!!! Plies “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong”

Written By: Slims Da Bank

So last night some footage surfaced from a show Plies had in Tallahassee showing a man (That obviously watches alot of WWE) Screaming “COLOR MONEY” and like a WWE finishing move read more


Fat Tuesday Grand Opening/Closing

Writen by: Slims Da Bank

So a fight breaks out at the grand opening/closing of a Fat Tuesday on Friday night and footage quickly surface showing the “Brawl”. NYDailyNews.com used the headline “Massive brawl breaks read more